If you’re looking for a place where the world’s best mobile thinkers share their knowledge of the mobile medium, you just found it.

We cast our net wide across industries, organization types and national boundaries to connect you with the best mobile thinkers of today.  Through in-depth interviews, industry news round-ups, information graphics and more, we hope you’ll…

  • learn something new
  • be inspired by the power of the mobile medium
  • forge new ground yourself

With how quickly the mobile industry changes, we  expect this space and our topics to change quickly too.  Yet, we promise to remain a source of credible and reliable information.   In return, we hope you’ll  use the comments section freely to share your thoughts, questions and suggestions so we can get to know you better.

Meet Our Team:


Cathy Boyle

Depending on the time of the day, Cathy might describe herself as a writer, a creative director,  an environmental/wildlife advocate or a technology/gadget enthusiast.  Thanks to her day job, volunteer work, and hobbies, she happily cycles through each of these roles and recently noticed one commonality between them — mobile technology.

Its prevalence in every aspect of her life motivated Cathy to learn more about mobile technology and its influence on society.  That thirst for knowledge spawned the idea of Mobile Thinkers and now, through a partnership with Julie, Gery and Adele,  Mobile Thinkers is growing into the source of reliable mobile information Cathy had first imagined it to be.


Gery L. Deer PhotoGery L. Deer

Gery is an independent writer and entrepreneur based in Ohio. Owner and creative director of GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing (www.theconciergecopywriter.com) Gery was first published in October of 1987. His educational background is in mechanical engineering and computer science and he spent much of the early 1990’s as an IT specialist, programmer and troubleshooter, which included writing detailed operational manuals for product testers, research engineers, and software developers. In 2010 he was nominated for the Ohio Public Image Awards for Media and submitted for a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism by his newspaper group publisher. From 1998-2001, Gery’s how-to tech column, Techno-Babble, appeared in more than a dozen regional newspapers and today he is the author of a self-syndicated op-ed series called, Deer In Headlines.


Julie Fiedler

Before there was such a thing as the internet, Julie was a college student who started using a cool new way to communicate with her friends in other states: by sending messages via a computer. A few years later, Julie bought her first cell phone, a Motorola Microtac, along with a monthly plan of 20 minutes talk time.

Mercifully, technology has evolved since then and Julie’s love for it has lived on. With a degree in Literature and Math, she is happiest when she’s doing something slightly creative and slightly nerdy. She worked on the launch team for NBC Universal’s hulu.com before taking a role as the Features Managing Editor for NBC’s Local Media, where her projects included online and social media coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics across ten Local Media properties.

Julie currently lives in Kansas and enjoys traveling, reading and learning about innovations in the digital world.

Adele LinarducciAdele Linarducci

Adele began her professional life as an industrial design student thriving in the niche that combined art and engineering. She spent her early years as a designer shaping the style of cell phones, desktop computers and other consumer gadgets which inevitably led her to discover the newly invented “Macintosh”.

Wanting to be a part of that emerging digital world, she transitioned into the field of graphic design and felt instantly at home with the new partnership of art and technology. Ultimately, this move set her in the fast-paced world of advertising and direct mail where she has been a freelance art director for nearly 15 years working on a variety of print advertising and direct mail promotions. The diversity of the work keeps her creatively driven.

Adele’s contribution to Mobile Thinkers will be the design of the infographics. “This way of visually distilling complex information into simple graphics will help viewers gain vital knowledge about mobile technology trends in a fun and interesting way.”

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