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Mobile Apps

Mobile Money Management

Mobile wallet companies allow you to access credit and debit cards from your smartphone, boasting that it makes paying easier, faster and better. But better for whom?

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June Webinars to Watch

Check out these 3 webinars being held in June. They’ll help you leverage mobile technology for your organization.

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Smartphones: Moms’ Remote Control for Life

Adoption of smartphones among moms in America has risen 64% over the past 2 years.

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Going Green on the Go

NBC Universal’s Green Is Universal initiative is all about getting people to take action to help the environment, however small those actions might be. And mobile has become a big part of that strategy.

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Doctor by Day, Developer by Night

Gregory P. Moore is a self-proclaimed geek. He is also a busy guy. He’s got a family. He’s got a full time job as a physician with James River Obstetrics & Gynecology in Richmond, Virginia. And app development? Well, that’s just something he does on the side.

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Comprehensive Guide to App Development

When developing apps, you don’t want to take a quick and easy route. Each basic step requires detailed explorations. Here we lay it all out for you.

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Infographic: Users Fall Out of Love with Apps

With Valentine’s Day in mind, this infographic visualizes some of the harsh realities of love in the mobile app world.

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Eric Graham, What's Invasive Smartphone Mobile App

Smartphone App Tracks Invasive Species

Eric Graham, Associate Development Engineer – CENS, talks about how the What’s Invasive smartphone App for Android (and soon iPhone) is helping scientists monitor invasive plant species.

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Mobile Sensing with Smartphones

Deborah Estrin PhD, Founding Director, Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) talks about how smartphones and mobile Apps are powerful sensing & data collection tools.

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Creating Mobile Content

Robert Spier piqued my curiosity at the Think Mobile Conference when he told the audience that luck played a role in NPR’s success in delivering mobile content.

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